FlyMe 5 - Dont know how to root

I don"t have any root option under FlyMe account beta

Front screen:
My Award wallet
Home screen backup
Data Sync
Cloud Storage
Phone finder
Taobao account

SETTINGS icon in the top right corner
which has:

Activity Notification

Account Security:
Account security services (slider turned off, to turn on requires to bind my phone using a phone number)
Bind phone number
Set security question
Change account password


I see no root option anywhere!!

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I believe they moved it to fingerprint setting

Thanks, I already found it on youtube, in some French comments… thanks for Google Translate :)
But you still need a FlyMe account to confirm a password when requesting root access

So the process is:

  1. set up FlyMe (get access )
    Do not use Gmail or google hosted domains (e.g. if your corporate email uses Google Apps, you will not receive confirmation email). Yahoo/Live/ work fine
  2. Log into FlyMe on the phone
  3. In Fingerprints and Security, enable Root Access
  4. Confirm the action using the newly created FlyMe password

@rubiohiguey yes you have to be logged in into a Flyme Account on your phone, running Flyme 5. And then head to “Fingerprint and security”, in there scroll down to “Root permission”, from where you may root your phone.

Will close the topic.

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