Brand New Meizu M2 - Need some help

I just bought two Meizu M2 as presents to my mum and sister. Today the first one arrived and I want to update it to the latest version of Flyme OS before I actually give it to them so I won’t have any issues.
I believe it’s not the International version but I don’t mind this since the two languages that I need are there.

My question is: How do I update the firmware? I assume that there should be an Update app but there isn’t. Is there a guide somewhere where I can follow to update it?

Now it says Flyme Version: Flyme OS (the 8 at the beginning I assume is a typo) and I want to upgrade it to that I found in this forum.

Thanks in advanced


@elenap86 Hello and welcome to the forum.

Please have a look at the F.A.Q., link is in my signature and feel free to ask any question that hasn’t been answered in the F.A.Q…
Hope they get to enjoy their new Meizu.

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