Battery life

Hi, how labout your battery life? I unplug my phone from charger about 6 am. With normal using (without wifi), battery is dead about 8 pm. Is it normal? Or is it because OS ?

Before I had Xiaomi Mi4 and battery hold almost 2 days…

Curious about your experiences :)

I would say that’s normal for MX5, from what I’ve read on other portals it’s partially due to cpu being hungry and partially due to flyme. Again it depends on how you use it, I have all synchronization on, I’m using it as smartphone should be used, not braking on anything.

Hi, I am using my mx5 quite “normal”. In the morning battery is 100%. I check mails and news via WLan for about 30 Min, then I switch to bloototh and GPS until late afternoon. In the evening I go back to WLan. I do not sync while I am at work - if I have to, I make it manualy. This way the battery will have at least 40 % when I go to bed.

it’s mostly flyme.
if you are using google apps it’s another reason for the battery to be bad ( since it connects to both flyme services and google services )
also using a dual sim increases the battery consumption(because it sends signal to two different towers from two different sims)
im getting around 2-3 h on screen time which is decent ,obviously could be better imo ,especially considering im running 4g all the time

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Meizu MX5

Mines good lasts all day easy I’m a paramedic doing 12 hour shifts too
Upgrade to flyme 5

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