Firmware A on International version

I kept reading many thread but the answer is still not very clear to me.
I own a Pro 5 international version. It is running Flyme 4.5I and I would like to upgrade to Flyme5A.

It is unclear to me if I can install a A firmware on an internation version of phone.
And if possible will I be able to easily install Flyme5I when it becomes available? Did someone try, and is everything working fine?

Extra question: if I install Flyme 5A, does it make sense to replace it by Flyme 5I later on?


You can install any version you want. It’s A models that cannot use I firmware, officially. Just pop back into 5I when it becomes available ;)

And you’d want to run the I firmware when you can as you get rid of the Chinese apps.

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there is no sense in making this move, I’ll tell you why. First of all you’ll get a lot of stupid chinese apps that are no good anywhere but in China. Second of all, most likely you’ll have problems with whatsapp, viber and hangouts because as per Meizu facebook support these apps are not supported in China, don’t ask me if that’s true or not, I don’t know. I wanted to experience Flyme 5 so I went into adventure called Flyme 5 A version and unfortunately I regret it and came back to 4.5. I’ve decided to stay on this version until they release at least beta 5 I.

@matija-vugi thanks for you feedback, that exactly what I was afraid of…
I am impatient to move to Flyme 5 but maybe I should wait for the A version…

Thanks guys!


@ben8p hello.

It used to be like this ( until TCCM phones showed up):
International phones, could install both firmwares, Chinese and International.

Sometimes there were weird things like e.g after ugrading from 4.5.x.1I to 4.5.x.2I, it was not possible to go directly to from the 4.5.x.2I to any Chinese firmware. Downgrading from 4.5.x.2I to 4.5.x.1I and then switching to Chinese worked.
This is just an example, but something similar, with different firmware versions happened.

Nobody can tell you exactly, as only time can show. But I assume you will always find a way to get back to the international firmware.

The only difference between Chinese and International firmware used to be the missing Gapps of the Chinese. Recently Meizu removed languages from the Chinese firmware.

So as you can install the Gapps in no time, only missing languages might be a reason to use the International firmware.

@Ultrametric Basically you should buy the International version ;) if you can.


@Karl-Sindre-Baath-Engelstad If it wasn’t so much more expensive, yes :D

The Meizu service isn’t good enough to justify the price… the International phones cost up to twice as much as the Chinese do (talking about the Meizu M2).


@matija.vugi there will never be a beta release for international devices.
I also cannot confirm your bugs. On my Pro 5 with the A firmware all apps work like they should as there are NO differences between A and I firmwares, except missing languages (except Flyme on the Pro 5), locked bands and chinese apps.

The bugs you have encountered are unfortunate, but then again it is the risk when you decide to use a test firmware.

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