Couple of issues: not recognised by PC and stuck on System Upgrade/Clear Data page

Hi there fellow Meizu users!

I have been using my MX4 for a year now and yesterday I went to bed and forgot to put it into charge. This morning I put it to charge, pressed the power button and straight to System Upgrade/Clear Data page. It is asking for an, but I have a problem with that too…

I then plugged in the PC and now it says it doesn’t recognise it. I uninstalled the drivers earlier and no joy, so I have no way of getting data or putting an into the directory so it can do its thing.

Any ideas why it’s going to that page and not doing what it supposed to do? I am not 100% sure what files the clear data option deletes. Does it delete files in the vault?

Thanks in advance and merry xmas!

Note: after several times trying to get to recovery, it just started as usual and after a minute, the screen froze and had to switch it off. To top it all off, everytime I try to get into recovery, the same system upgrade page appears.

No ideas? I don’t want to throw my Meizu away…

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