Google Account issues

I just got my Note and it has google play store pre installed but every time i try to log in it says checking info then freezes for maybe a second and says checking info again and brings me to the login option again.

@eternalgamer111 Have you tried to search on this forum, every week or so somebody opens similar questions. Eg, try the following, delete your Goggle account, uninstall all updates of Goggle Play Services and other GAPPs, let them update again and then create your Google account.
Or, if possible, uninstall GAPPs completely and install them again, you will find instructions elswehere on the forum.

Btw, this section is for m2 Mini, for m2 Note there is another section

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@zgfg I was able to figure it out, i rooted my phone and updated the operating system, but now i’m having an issue with notifications from snapchat.

@eternalgamer111 There were two topics last week about Viber and Whatsapp notifications, same probemy, same workaround

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