Flyme OS stable (m2)


  • FIX: Contacts are likely to be abnormal remove the problem.
  • Repair: insert dual SIM card pulled out after 2, still the choice of SIM card to call a contact using the voice assistant.
  • FIX: 10086 SMS conversation screen, click on prepaid recharge, not load properly recharge interface issues.


  • FIX: music player interface lyrics generate long press to share pictures, click the play button sporadic music flash back problems again.


  • Fix: entering the cloud album and press the Home key to return to the desktop, enter the gallery displays a blank content issues again.
  • Repair: In Chinese mode, no folder location of the file information displayed in English question.
  • FIX: After renaming complete picture will jump to issue a picture.



just updated so far so god,even gapps works and market after update ;)

@dejo41 how about apps getting into sleep mode can u try going to the security center and going to apps and toggle the 4 dots and selecting any apps and then try to scroll up and down

Thanks :)

i allready mark this apps in just scroll up and long press on latest app your use like outlook viber gmail etc and locked


Just notice that phone call app crashes how to fix this?

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@dejo41 thanks probably try to clear the app data 👌

solved i freeze some wrong app with root uninstaler now works fine

@dejo41 im rooted with the previous firmware do i need to root again if if foash this sorry im kinda new to meizu

yes you need to get root after update via flyme acc

Pozdrav @dejo41 . Nastavljam na engleskom :):
Yeah, marking apps as locked could be a temporary solution, as it’s just a work-around for a really nasty bug.
If you’re ok with that, excellent.
But, could you please just check what @John-Glenn-Balacano asked?
First unlock your apps from the Recent apps bar, and then open the Security Center, go to Power Status and then tap on the icon with 4 small squares, and see if the apps are being switched off when you scroll up and down.
Thank you…

In this release seems to be fixed the disappearing contacts. Could someone check if it’s true? (I don’t know how to repro this…)

@John-Glenn-Balacano said:

@krsmans yeah it being switched off :(

Did you try it yourself? Do you have installed on your phone?
I’d appreciate if @dejo41 would check it and reply here.

@krsmans I cant try it right now since my internet connection is too slow i’ll update you once i resolve this

Thanks :)

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