Bad battery life

Me : ( Remaining 9% )
A friend :

I don’t know why ? Is this normal or not ? I know 2 people who have a very very very battery life than me ! I was only on wechat and played a game a little time . My friend played a game and youtube.

Thank you !

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@Mat13 First of all, I’d like to see what apps are running. Anything can affect battery life, ranging from firmware-based drains to power-hungry apps.

As for your friend, I can’t see the issue. Unless it was to show his was normal? Screen-off stands still in your friend’s case, so it only drains when he use it.

Great!! Another issue which makes me Doubt again if I should get the Pro 5 or not -_-

Really I disable all the most of the time. I use Wifi, VPN application ( rarely ) and I play games.

But I think the problem is the Wifi, capricious connection, often plant, and a whole building on the same connection.
I am in China in a building with students, everybody use the same connection.
Just now I lost 5% since 30minutes and I am just on Internet and a application.

Do you think it’s possible ??
Thank you

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Try uses doze and greenify

@Mat13 flash your rom, don’t install any apps and see if it drains fast, if it was normal install apps on a gradual basis to find the culprit. or maybe you have a defective battery and it drains fast when you have not installed any apps yet. you can try changing your flyme version too.

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This post is deleted!
This post is deleted!

So, Meizu after-sales service says me that there are no problem :( I don’t know how they have check it but when I took my phone just after he was only in screen off , I don’t understand and I don’t know what to do now.

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