I can't be heard

Hi guys.
I bought a Meizu MX5 from meizusale and it was delivered to me last week. Since then I have noticed that I can’t be heard during calls. It only works if I switch to speaker mode.

My device is chinese and I’m running Flyme OS version.
Do you think it could be a OS problem or should I try to replace the mic hardware?

Thanks for your time!!

Meizu MX5

@Flavia To find out if there’s a hardware problem , search for Mic Tester app on google play , or try to voice search on google or voice recording . But , if you say that it is working via speaker mode , it may be software . Try to factory reset data first , or flash a new .

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@phluid01 your tip helped me a lot, thanks!! At least now I know it is not a hardware problem, since I have used Mic Tester and it has recognized all sounds around.
Im now running the version, so I guess I will have to try older versions to see wich works for me! :)

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