Flyme OS test firmware (MX5)


  • New: contact details page Support Click picture for a larger view.
  • Added: Contact Details page to add “blacklist removal” feature.
  • Optimization: Optimization batch delete call records and group batch delete experience.
  • Optimization: Optimization hidden account deleted contacts logic.
  • Optimization: missed call notification highest priority adjustment to the default.
  • Optimization: Optimization Yellow Pages search experience.
  • Optimization: Optimization float notice easy to inadvertently problems.
  • Fix: use Internet phone call-back missed the telephone network, the resulting record is an ordinary phone call problem.
  • Audio message received dual card standby, recording a message notification bar does not show the underlying problem Cards: Repair.
  • FIX: When you open a smart leather background call will be re-lit black screen problem.


  • Fix: download network MMS can not communicate via HTTP Flyme problem.

Set up

  • Optimization: Set split-screen mode.


  • Added: living index Click to see more features added.


  • Optimization: notification bar Click to reply to messages, while marking the message as read state.

Documents Management

  • Optimization: storage disc hide locked area, the lock area resident show in my collection.

User Center

  • Optimization: User Center Home new revision.
  • Optimization: Optimization modify the location, the search municipalities experience.
  • Fix: initial login account after adding a new delivery address, enter the (district / county) List region, the problem of incomplete data loading.
  • FIX: integral recording could not be loaded question.


  • Optimization: Optimization Copywriting Tips various scenarios.
  • FIX: Books Detail screen display problems abnormal state without network.
  • Fix: User interface display problems are not logged center abnormal.
  • FIX: end of the process leading to the problem of incomplete update bookshelf.


  • Optimization: support Sogou input method icon is displayed.

Lock screen

  • FIX: Stop End background tasks after playing music, lock screen still displays the music player problem.


  • Optimization: In Wi-Fi passwords in plain text box increase button.



Meizu MX5

Meizu have mx 5 phone when I switch performance mode wasn’t a problem before but the version after you upgrade to performance mode error hangs freezes the device starts again, and began to write all the versions I tried, I threw the same result format

Some random reboot? I don’t even use performance does it really make a difference

Meizu MX5

there are situations not appropriate to use performance mode should not be used, but the phone freezes

so powerfull mobile but buggy os.

  • The wifi still cannot auto connect to saved wifi.

  • The print servides are disabled.

  • No auto answer

  • Some notification are coming to late

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thanks :+1:

can you also fix the above :P


Your list looked like this:

  • list item “Your text”

Just that people do not get confused. But I agree with you as I encounter similar issues on my Pro 5, except Point 1.
About the print services, which printer you use?

HP for example offers its own app.

dispate the hp app the stadalone servives are disabled.And there is not tab in the settings in order to enable.This also goes for canon lexmark
Hp works just because hp has roll out some cool apps .Try to install from play store hp service and you will see what am talking about
Miui also has the same issue

Meizu MX5

@fuxmen Did I use the right hardware failure, but I wonder I wonder

Is there any way to fix notification delay? I am getting my gmails and Whatsapp messages almost after 1-2 hours. So if i dont check the apps manually i never know if there is a new message.

@psyco82 said:

Is there any way to fix notification delay? I am getting my gmails and Whatsapp messages almost after 1-2 hours. So if i dont check the apps manually i never know if there is a new message.

There is a feature in flyme that kills every user app after 3s. You need to go to power management and check apps that you want to stay in memory. Love messenger, music, GPs tracking

Meizu MX5

Are we gonna get “i” version soon? :)

@fuxmen done that already,i still dont get instant whatsapp gmail alerts. Average delay is 2hours. If i dont open the app i wont even know i have new messages.

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