Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5)


  • New: contact details page Support Click picture for a larger view.
  • Added: Contact Details page to add “blacklist removal” feature.
  • Optimization: Optimization batch delete call records and group batch delete experience.
  • Optimization: Optimization hidden account deleted contacts logic.
  • Optimization: missed call notification highest priority adjustment to the default.
  • Optimization: Optimization Yellow Pages search experience.
  • Optimization: Optimization float notice easy to inadvertently problems.
  • Fix: use Internet phone call-back missed the telephone network, the resulting record is an ordinary phone call problem.
  • Audio message received dual card standby, recording a message notification bar does not show the underlying problem Cards: Repair.


  • Fix: download network MMS can not communicate via HTTP Flyme problem.

Set up

  • Optimization: Set split-screen mode.


  • Added: living index Click to see more features added.


  • Optimization: notification bar Click to reply to messages, while marking the message as read state.

Documents Management

  • Optimization: storage disc hide locked area, the lock area resident show in my collection.


  • Optimization: Optimization Copywriting Tips various scenarios.
  • FIX: Books Detail screen display problems abnormal state without network.
  • Fix: User interface display problems are not logged center abnormal.
  • FIX: end of the process leading to the problem of incomplete update bookshelf.


  • Optimization: support Sogou input method icon is displayed.

Lock screen

  • FIX: Stop End background tasks after playing music, lock screen still displays the music player problem.


  • Optimization: In Wi-Fi passwords in plain text box increase button.


  • Fix: Even now interface display problems in reading mode.



@Guta said:

Is Multi language?

Nope, there are english and chinese languages only.

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Instead of taking their time and add really useful things likelandscape mode in messaging, making a decent music player instead of this mess right now, looking up why the sound quality got worse with the 5.5 update, looking up why so many apps just won`t work on this device (even simple things like greenify) and many many other things, they just fire out one useless update after another every few days.

@bunita 3rd party messaging and music apps. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

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Third party messaging may work (question still remains who came up with the idea to not add a landscape mode on 5,7" device), but third party music apps don`t work with the stock equalizer, at least many. I know there is viper4android etc, but what if i want to use the stock EQ? I never had a phone where so many simple things just wont work, its just stupid.

@bunita viper4android doesn’t work at all on this phone I’m afraid. I have tried everything Google comes up with but have yet to get it to work which really sucks.
But hey, the PRO 5’s sound quality isn’t terrible. It’s pretty bloody good actually. Volume could be louder, though.

But in the changelog above it does mention a splitscreen mode which seems promising but I haven’t tried it yet so can’t really comment on that.

The sound quality of this device is absolutely awesome, but its worse on Flyme 5.5 than on 4.5, at least with Flac files. I thought im hallucinating at first, but i tried a few times now with always the same result. On 5.5 there is some weird distortion or something, it just sounds unclean with loud volume. I dont know if it`s the player or the software itself, but i its there. That phone itself is a perfect device, if not for the software. There are so many little things that bother me…A good example is: They updated the music and the camera app in flyme 5.5. While the music app didnt get anything useful, the camera update brings contrast and saturation settings in manual mode. Now when you are on flyme 4.5 and open the music player, it will offer you the update for the app (which brings nothing new and will make you loose the online functions instead), but when you open the camera, where the update would be useful…It just doesnt ask to update. WHY??? Who makes these stupid decisions?

whatsapp, viber, skype, telegram doesn´t shows notifications, even they added in power–>app management or security–>permissions–>autorun management please fixit, only shows when open the applications


Lock those apps. When they’re open, drag your finger from the left/right of the bottom physical button to see the recently opened apps, scroll to them and long press their tab until a lock icon appears.
Your phone will remember these settings also if you reboot it. You have enough RAM in this phone to not care about such a solution. I agree it shouldn’t be this way, but at least there’s a workaround.

By the way, I did the same for cloudmagic and the google clock.

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