Meizu Pro 5 32gb, black - silver, 2 Months old with Warranty, as good as new.

Phone is in excellent condition, without the smallest scratch. You get the phone, the charger (with adapter for europe), Usb cable and some other cable and small adapter wich was included in the Package. I think its some Usb converter, but i never really looked or used it. A bill from “trandingshenzen”(PDF) from 19.10.2015 is included. The price was 521€.
I`m from Germany, so European buyers are preffered.

Price: 450€ (For german buyers this price includes the shipping cost, for others, shipping has to be paid separately)

I`m also willing to trade if you have something interesting to offer, especially a Xiaomi mi note pro :)

No Paypal, bank transfer only.

0_1450730184331_20151218_140608.jpg 0_1450730028593_20151218_140233.jpg 0_1450730120755_20151218_140402.jpg

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@bunita The price on this phone has dropped lately, you can now buy it new for under 400€ from a number of online Chinese retailers. I got mine for 383€ last month from Pompmall.


@bunita You should make a price check on


The 32GB is down to 340€
The 64GB China is down to 420€ to 440€

… and the global 64GB … that’s the one with support + warranty in Europe, costs 490€ rigth now.

Global Pro 5, 64GB for 480€

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