I have two issues please guys help me ;) (Music stop randomly and notifications)

Hello everyone,

I have a Meizu mx4 since 4 months and I have somes issues on it.

The first issue is that my musics application stop randomly without any reason (spotify, deezer, default music application etc…). A post on this forum is talking about this but the link to the answer is down, could some one tell me how to fix that ?

The second issue are the notifications. I dont received the applications of some applications like hangout, viber or other random application but I received from whatsapp for example. Some one know how to fix that ?

The phone has been shipped from China by the way.

Version Android : 5.0.1
Version Flyme Os :

Thanks everyone for reading and answering me :)

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not sure if your request is still an issue

took that form an other thread - i had similar problems - hope it works
thanks to @Dartaholics for the answer

Go to settings - power - app management and give permission to google play services, google framework and every app you want to have notifications…
The same thing in security - permissions…
If still not working go to security - accelerator and click to the up right corner and put in whitefish the same apps.
After all this everything should work properly…
Let me know.

are you using headphones when listening music or something?

Meizu MX4

I have my MX4 from 1 year now and I got the same issue from the begging and with every version …
Specially the music stop.
For the notification, with FLYME 5, you just have to edit the permission and allow every app you want to send you some push as @lister_yu said.

@SuperJoe I got the same problem every time with my headphones from loooonngg timmme …
Sometimes it stop after 5 sec playing a song, sometimes at the end of a son . The error happens not on one music or something, it can happen randomly on every son . It’s very random …

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