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Hello Guyz!
i have recently updated my MX5 to Android version 5.1 and build number: Flyme OS . And the problem is that mt MX5 does not let me to root it. I tried in many ways, but it always says something happend and rooting can’t go forward. So i want to get a new Android without rooting or with your help to root it, also can sameone show me a nice and normal Android, which is made for Meizu MX5. Im waiting for your recommendation. I thank you in advance!


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@Mitkodj I think there are no other roms than flyme available for the mx5 yet. but you could reflash your Firmware, that should solve your Problem. if you dont know how to do that, look in the faq

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you have to be logged in to a Flyme Account, and the root option will be available in the security and fingerprint section of the settings menu.

But please be aware, that you do not have to root your phone in order to change the firmware! Please read the F.A.Q., and have a look on how to update / downgrade your phone.

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@Ultrametric Thank you for the rooting advice, man. I really appreciate your help!

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But now i have a another im waiting 10 minutes for it but nothing happens

@Mitkodj don’t use that? the system already has root all you have to do is activate it.

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