Meizu Pro 5 Night shots

Unfortunately, this forum doesn`t accept Photos over 10mb size, so i created an album on Googe to share the Photos with you. A function like on Skyscrapercity for example, where you can just embed your pics from different file hosters like Flickr or Google and they will appear in the forum would be really nice, but anyway, here is the album:

Since the stock camera is useless (especially for low light photography), the FV-5 camera app with the following settings was used here:

Contrast: +3
Saturation +1
Sharpness +2
All pics are in JPEG format, straight out of camera and without any editing.

What can i say? The low light shots turned out absolutely fabulous, the only thing that really sucks is the lack of OIS, which makes it pretty difficult to take a sharp shot, because you have to hold your breath like a sniper and take 4-5 shots of the same scene to get a good one.
I had my G4 with me when taking these Photos and took pictures of the same scenes on both to compare them, and it turned out that the Meizu absolutely destroyed the G4, which really surprised me. The G4 is better at the detail preservation, but the white balance and colour reproduction is horrible in comparison, even in manual mode. Didn`t upload the G4 photos, but i can do it if someone wants to see them and compare.

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Meizu MX4 Pro

@bunita wooww… amazing shots!!!

one question, why did you “only” take 16mp photos ? the pro 5 features a 21mp camera, doesnt it?

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Thank you, i was surprised myself how good they turned out to be. As for the 16mp:
I just like the widescreen format more, maybe because i`m used to the LG-G4 where 16mp is standard. Also in FV-5 app, 16mp setting results in a more narrow view on this phone, which makes the objects look bigger and thus closer to reality(Smartphones make objects on photos appear much smaller and further away then they really are). Quality wise there is absolutely no difference, i even have the feeling that 16mp shots are better than on standard setting, but that could be just a placebo effect :)

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thank you for sharing, nice shots!

Thanks @all. Here are a few more shots just testing the long exposure with the stock app. They were shot from my window/balcony with a stinky shoe misused as a camera stand :), so there are no great scenes to see and the pics have a weird perspective. It`s just to show what this camera is capable of in pitch black night when using long exposure. Just to get the idea, look at the dark pic (automatic mode) - this is how dark it actually was.

auto mode:
same scene with 30 sec exposure:
1sec exposure (if i remember right)
Same with 15 sec (little bit blurred because of moving)
The following are all at 30 sec
Here i added +1 saturation (cam in flyme 5.5 lets you do that)

I think it`s extremly impressive for a smartphone camera.

Meizu MX4 Pro

yes it acctually really is 👍👍

Added a few shots here:

The first 4 and the last 4 are shot with the Meizu (night shots are with stock, rest is FV-5 camera with +1 saturation and -2 contrast). The rest of the Photos are made with the LG-G4.
I made all the same shots with the Meizu too, but they turned out pretty bad in comparison, so i didn`t upload them. Conclusion: LG-G4 is still the overall King, but for long exposure night shots, the Meizu is way better (white balance, colour, everything), and i did a lot of comparisons. If someone has a Pro 5, please upload your shots, id love to see them.

Meizu MX4

Any chance of a night sky shot with 420second exposure?
I’ve seen that the meizu pro 5 can do this. I’m interested because I can take pictures of stars which are not visible to the naked eye with my MX4 at 20second exposure which is the limit on MX4. Wanted to compare my 20second with the pro 5s 420second.

@oscar8u Meizu Pro 5 can indeed shoot with 420s exposure but that is way too long for a night sky photo. The stars (and the earth) are constantly moving so in order to take a stable night sky with stars you should set exposure time to 30s at the most. 420s is way too much.

Meizu MX4

@eimai_kala @bunita
I’m going to have to disagree with you. 420seconds is good enough for night sky shots, 7minutes of exposure will make the stars visible but they’ll have a very small trail but the fact that we can actually take photographs like this without using a professional camera is what amazes me. I have yet to see another phone which allows 420second long exposure and personally the best way to utilise and test this feature is by attempting to take photographs of stars. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve taken breathtaking photos of stars with my MX4 which has 20seconds of long exposure but to be able to take a 420second long exposure with a smartphone no less would/should be. groundbreaking stuff. I don’t get why meizu don’t advertise this more? For photographers out there this phone would be a treat. Bunita if you read this, please take a 420second long exposure of the night sky.

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Can someone please make 420 sec nightshot? I really wanna see results! :)

Meizu Pro 5

Here’s a 22mp shot of the night sky with 120s exposure and focus inf. in stock cam app of pro5. You can see the stars leaving a small trail with 120s, dont think more exposure would do any good with moving stars. The detail is remarkable, most of these stars i cannot see with naked eye.

alt text

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