And Finally After Returning My Yuphoria After 5 mnths of Usage…😉
With a bit of hesitation I have Searched for a new Mobile. I got a fear on Newly launched mobiles bcoz of the issues i have faced in Yuphoria.😧
At last i had a look at M2 on Snapdeal…
And wow…! What a look it has…😱
It got my attention on first sight.😍
With a long waiting finally i got it…
So i want to share my Feelings on My First look at Meizu…😝


  1. Build Quality. 😍
  2. Software Optimisations.😘
  3. 13 & 5 Mp Camera’s.😍
  4. Ram Management.😊
    5.Battery (6 Hrs of Sot With Out any Task Killers)😀
    6.Flyme Os.😂
  5. Very good resopnse from support team on Email and whatsapp.😃


  1. Very Low Output From Speaker.😥
  2. Camera taking too long time to focus.😡
  3. Hybrid Sim Tray.😢
  4. Taking too long time to charge when compared to yuphoria at the same price point.😴
  5. No Root Privilages on Indian Firmware.😮

Sorry If You Found Any Mistakes in My English… Hope You Excuse me… 😃