International version or Chinese!?

Hi guyz, I’m new here, never ever had a Meizu phone before, but recently I had MX4 & Also experienced Pro 5 for half an hour on my hand. I really loved both of them, but I’m interested in buying the Meizu Pro 5 (4Gb RAM + 64Gb Storage). I was checking on Aliexpress and I could find it for 420EUR bu’uuut… It says there: “This is the Chinese version… We will Root the phone before shipment and install Multilanguage + Google Store, but you won’t be able to update the phone afterwards (Never/Ever)”.
Then I asked at the (Official Meizu Reseller from Italy) and they told me that they sell only the International version. But it was more Expensive “520EUR”. And they will start shipping from 16 January (So you can only Pre-Order now).
My questions are:
1: What are the Differences between Chinese vs International version!?
2: Can I install International Flyme version over Chinese version!? (Without consequences)
3: Is it worth the extra money to wait for the International version or should I grab one on AliExpress!?

You cannot officially install international firmware on Chinese models. Attempting to do so will yield an error message. What the seller is doing is basically doing a workaround that prevents you from directly upgrading. You’d have to flash back to the Chinese version and do it all over. That said, the only differences I know of lies in the languages available plus the omitted Chinese apps that come with the Chinese version. Also Google Play Store will already be installed.

If you can, you should definitely wait for the international model. That way you also get a 1-year warranty that you won’t get if you import it from China. But don’t buy it from if you live outside the EU since they won’t exclude the taxes from the final price. You’ll likely end up paying double taxes. Buy it from, they will exclude the taxes if you live outside the EU.

Link to Amazon:

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Meizu MX4

I would wait for international version because on aliexpress is 420€ but you should remember there’s custom costs and it’ll go likely about 500€, you don’t have warranty and you’ll need a guide to install I version on A chinese models.

So, for me, there are no differences between chinese and international version because with root you can install any language on Chinese models.
And it’s worth extra money because of the warranty; you can even add insurance for phone if you drop it accidentally and break the glass.

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Thnx a lot for you tips :)
Unfortunately I live in Kosovo and it is very hard to get stuff shipped directly here, mostly I have to ship it through Albania (It Works), Sometimes I have to send it at Friends in Albania (And wait for their next visit here to bring it to me). And the worst cases… When I have to let it ship at Relatives spread all over EU. I just tried that link which you suggested, It only works if I send it to Relatives in Swiss or France (Doesn’t ship to Albania). Bu’uuut… are you 100% Sure that I won’t get to pay any Customs (Tax) if I let it ship to Swiss from UK!?? And… will I get the Promised Warranty!? (And how will that warranty work then!?)

PS: I can afford paying up to maximum 450-500EUR for the Pro 5. (Of course finding it cheaper would be a AWESOME & very Welcome)

Thnx a lot for your reply :)
Nahh I have my Tricks of “Avoiding” the Customs, but what I’m worried of Aliexpress is this:
1: Could be Refurbished.
2: No Warranty.
3: I won’t be able to receive OTA Updates, I will get rooted version with Flyme 4,5. And I don’t have a CLUE how to Install International Version on it with latest Updates.

@Veton-Tigani The taxes are already included if you ship within the EU, ie to France. Amazon will deduct the tax if you ship to Switzerland, so you’ll only pay one tax.

I recommend against buying from AliExpress unless that allows you to ship directly to Kosovo. Again you have no warranty, and the ROM they install cannot be updated. You’ll have to manually install the Chinese version and then re-install via a workaround, in my opinion it isn’t worth the trouble. Ultimately I suppose whatever is cheaper for you is the one to go for.

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Thnx for the tips, I think the best solution till now is to wait for the Christmas price at Meizu Italia and order it from there.
I’ve been surviving without a smartphone for 2 months now (I sold my Zopo ZP998) and I’ve been saving money for buying a really nice phone, let’s hope this will be the right decision. :)

Guyz… thnx for Ur tips I really appreciated Ur help, but… reading through this forum the critics of Flyme OS makes me wonder If I should give up on Meizu and look for some LG G4, Samsung 6Edge or OnePlus Two. I’m really confused now I don’t know what to choose. You think Meizu will fix these mentioned bugs in the Forums!?


You’d miss out on the USB-C connector, but if absolute stability is important to you, I don’t see a problem with that. There will always be bugs in any firmware, Meizu or not. Right now Meizu is the most future-proofed option with the amount of RAM and storage, fingerprint sensor and USB-C.

Perhaps Nexus 5X would be a good option for you? You will get timely updates and it comes with most features, though only 2GB RAM and 16-32GB non-expandable storage. And it has USB-C.

Sorry man… I just got into PANIC watched/read 9999 Reviews & Comparisons last night of the phones which I liked. I’ve heard that going for Snapdragon 810 is BAD because of Overheating Issues. And I don’t know If investing in Snapdragon 808 is a smart choice.
You thin Meizu will fix these bugs in the Future!? Because I had Meizu Pro 5 in my hands and ohh boy It has Muscles!!

@Veton-Tigani Of course there will be people complaining, it’s usually only those you hear about as well, so don’t take any word of what they’re saying as facts. SD 810 is indeed plagued by overheating issues. I myself have a Xiaomi Mi Note Pro which has it, and it’s really bad. Battery life also is hugely affected. 808 should not be that slower, perhaps 10-15 percent slower similar to GTX 970 vs. 980 from Nvidia as an example. It will last you as long as 810 would in terms of performance longevity.

As for Meizu fixing all the bugs, that’s unlikely. But they will most certainly do the biggest ones, with the community fixing what’s left.

But it is all up to you!

Does International Version of Flyme OS has Flyme Market(chinese app)?

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I bought launcher from Flyme Market. Sad…


@Legionn you could get your money back. Just write Meizu an email.

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