Installing xposed framework on meizu m2m (tested and work on firmware. Working on m2note too
Meizu m2

Do with your own risk.

This tutorial has beed tested on meizu m2m (tested by myself and work great)

  1. Rooting your device (i will not explain about this)
  2. Instal super su: download super su on play store. Open it and klick continue for update binary. Done, reboot.
  3. Extract this file
    Instal apk that you extract before.
  4. Open n apk that have a chinesse languange (xpo###) click on top button. It will appear that have 2 choice. Klick on the right when appear the toast notification.
  5. Wait for the installing xposed binary. After finish the instalation, then reboot your device. When rebooting, it take ± 15 minutes for optimizing app.
  6. Check your xposed that you instal before (not in chinesse languange).
  7. Done
    0_1450543968386_S51219-235149.jpg 0_1450543959082_S51219-235143.jpg 0_1450543987182_S51219-235212.jpg 0_1450543980845_S51219-235209.jpg

Report to me if you need my help. Say thanks and credit for Official meizu m2 & m2 note indonesia.

Sorry for my english, but i have attached the screenshot. Maybe could help for installing

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Meizu m2

Please report me if you have a problem. Mention me, with the screenshot about your problem when installing.

Who’s try to 4.5.4i version if work ?

you think…not sure… and I’m not bold :)

I have installed it on It will probably work on all 5.1 firmwares.

into the zip have 2 apk , which one must install ? the little or the big ?

worked great, thanks!have any nice xposed mods that work on this device?got youtube background and youtube adblock working. also amplify , flyme and greenify work fine.

@Elimawijaya But first, which of the two should install? Τhe big apk or small ?

@paiktaras The bigger file, “xo… …1.1.0.apk” is framework installer. The smaller file is xposed installer, and is possibly in Chinese.
I downloaded and installed XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk first, and than the bigger apk, rebooted, installed modules, activated them in Xposed and rebooted again. That is what I did, maybe the order is not important.
On first reboot apk optimisation got interrupted several times, but eventually finished successfully and everything works fine.

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Meizu m2

@paiktaras just instal all apk that you extract before

Meizu m2

Anyone, have installed in other fw? Please report me. On A, I, Q, Y. Is it works?

@Elimawijaya said:

Anyone, have installed in other fw? Please report me. On A, I, Q, Y. Is it works?

i have install to the 4.5.4i firmware, everything is ok

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