Meizufans 2016 - Bugs & Suggestions

As some might have noticed I am working on an updated and improved forum layout/design, targeting a better readability and user experience.
However, sometimes these works cause bugs or other unwanted things, which I might not notice, even though I test my work.

More than that you maybe have your own requests or ideas how the future Meizufans should look like.

Therefore feel free to post any bugs or suggestions here!
Only with your help we can improve this site and make it to a better place.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Rey everytime I post/edit something I come to this site:

(only on mobile)

Buttons to go from the forum directly to download or FAQ page. Maybe these are already there, but I didn’t find them yet.

Not really a bug, but the anti adblock stuff is getting out of hand. Yes, I use an adblock, and yes, I understand that you guys use the money from ads to keep the site running. And yes it’s okay to see “Please disable your adblock” once. But not on every single page… I just can’t use the forum this way, and though I really find this forum useful, and like it, i’d rather leave it than turn on-off my adblock. It’s just my opinion, thats all. :)

You can just white-list this site, then you see the ads, support the site and don’t see the annoying “turn off ad block” :grinning:

Meizu m2 note
  • Advertisement should be moved to the sides of the layout.

  • Posts within threads should have distinct boundaries. For example, the box I’m typing this message has a blue boxed border. We should see the same to the posts.

  • When I hover mouse pointer over an option (for example, upload option), I should get a hover message saying what’s what.

  • As a general idea, people involved within Meizu should be invited here (if not present already) with distinct title so that they can provide with useful information and help, us users.

Just my 2 (euro) cents.

@《SWE》hobbek49 You obviously did not get my point, but thanks for the suggestion, although i am aware of this option.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@danihungary then we cant do anything for you because the admins wont disable the ads …

That’s not even what I said. I even respect the “please disable your adblock” message. But not on every single page. You don’t have to disable ads to modify the anti-adblock policy.


@Hellenicsun good points. I will add them as feature request on the GitHub repo of NodeBB.

About the Meizu thing - it is very difficuilt.
Meizufans once was an officially recorgnized and support forum, but due to missbehaviour of Meizu and new reglementations we distanced from them.

The result was that they tried to sabotage us…

Meizu is not interested to take any effort to help their customers.

So as I was on the run, here extended replies.

@Hellenicsun, I do not think that placing the ads on the sides is a good idea. I do not know how other people see it, but I personally would feel very annoyed by them.

@danihungary, mx4pro said it quite right. There is no chance that this will happen any time soon. The server ressources are not for free and this should be respected.

@Kokkie, that has been a long time request. Will add them with the next possibility (got holidays now).

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i do like that now we have separated main page and Forum… BUT… the new pop up Menu is really bad idea… it will be MUCH user friendly and comfortable for people if it will be as it was before…

a few things that i really miss here… there are so few formatting tools… you cant even Quote some line you want… i mean sure you can quote someone’s post and then edit it… but simple quote button that will add quote tags so you can type or copy test between them -> simple example -> [quote]quote anything you want[/quote]

Hide function will be nice (with a button ofc) so if you making a tutorial with screenshots… you would be able to hide them and by click on it Expand/Collapse so it wont eat lots of bandwidth for people who use slow internet or have not unlimited or slow internet on mobile device and loading of screenshots will take much time or eat dataplan for breakfast ))

oh and MENU button in the corner like that will be useful on forum page

P.S. even that button you added right now "Visit The Forum" is much comfortable to use

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@Latstyle good ideas, especially the one with adding a hide button or a spoiler
(a example)

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@mx4pro @Latstyle, I agree. The spoiler thing might be difficuilt though as we use Markdown and not BBCode. Therefore I first need to figure out how a solution could look like :D

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