meizu pro5 Wifi Sharing hotspot tethering is not working

When the hotspot is set up, my pc can connect it, but the access is limited.
I tried my old phone and its fine, i tried to use another device connecting meizu and still not working,
so its not my sim card or my pc problem.
Seem like i am not the only one has this problem, is that a bug or something?

@salad yes I have exactly the same problem, updating or clearing data doesn’t help and I am on Three network as well.

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Change password of hotspot and delete perfil wifi on windows 10.

I Actually reset rebot everything i can do, and not even pc, my iphone cannot getting the wifi share aswell.

so, anyone found a way fixing it, or just a bug wait to be solved?

That seems to be the same issue on Pro5 from,,, and probably every version between that …
Problem is that without this function, this phone is a no-go for me (and probably many of us…)

When the connection is established, the Pro5 can be pinged on, but nothing further.

I think it’s a route / Network Address Translation on the Meizu.

EDIT: Same symptoms with bluetooth tethering. Only local ping to Pro5 IP address is possible. That leads to the same explanation : NAT/routing issue…

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i tried tethering with usb but still doesnt work.

Tethering through Bluetooth with Wifi on Meizu as outer network works. We have traffic.

But that’s not really useful network combination…

…apart meaning that’s a bug related with the network provider outer interface, and probably with the network address translation of tethering IP adress through this outer interface.

I’m in touch with China Meizu Customer Service about that. Hoping they will understand they have a bug…
It seems the Pro5 is not the only one affected by this tether/hotspot issue as we can find a few similar threads (mx3, mx4, Pro5, M1, MX4Pro …) on this single european forum. And the function is clearly broken on all their recent firmware versions.

The Pro5 is really an excellent phone, it’s a shame I could have to cancel my order because of this software failure.

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but it still amazed me that there is no one fixing or dont even know there is a problem as this is not a normal bug and im not the only has this problem.

Great news, the new version corrects the problem. I’ve just put it and it’s now perfectly working !!!

Yes indeed. It’s working !!! I have just updated to A and finally Hotspot is fully working. So maybe Meizu really done something about all those email me and other people sent to them.

I have Mx4 Pro, with OS (latest stable firm), and tethering is not working. I’m waiting for but i need tethering and this version is not out. I wonder if any test firmware has fixed it. Anyone knows it? Thanks!

Meizu Pro 5

Hi! I have a problem i can’t connecting in a puplic Wifi. The wifi show i connected, but i don’t get a notification where i can confirmi allow the Terms and Conditions…

I use Flyme A
i tried A
it worked: G


@RZeeyy then stick to However, I do not really think that it is the firmware’s fold.

@Dimitrive Thanks, but it doesn’ work.

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