Instagram 3D Touch 7.13.30

Can somebody instal new instagram version 7.13.0 ?
Instagram worinkg … but long press 3d touch dont…


@Pikuła-Piotr since when does the Mx5 have 3d touch?

How is this feature supposed to work?

he wanted to ask high probably “if there is pushing timing (long press short press) update or not ?” not about if 3d pressure sensor hardware will appear or not.

It is not for me to say but i think you may be a bit more calm about strange questions or repeated questions. Not everybody is geek or not everybody is spending a lot of time at here as much as you. And I am respecting and glad from all your helps and interests. I just wanted to tell that when I am seeing sometimes answers like this from moderation (like kidding ) it is making me sad.

with my all respect.

Yep, same here on mx4 pro, probably another BS flyme modification that causes it.

@bmx5 Exacly!
Instagram has new option in beta version.
When you long press in the photo its working like 3dtouch.
But on my mx5 don’t work… and its strange for me :)
Best regards gays.

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Meizu MX4 Pro

@Pikuła-Piotr also doesnt work for me :(


I like new aplications and i like instagram :d
And this funkction is simple but very nice!
Maybe on next upgrade official version is working.

Meizu Pro 6

@Pikuła-Piotr Does this work for you on other Android devices?

I read this from The Verge so I’m wondering if the feature really exists:

"The new feature is available in the 7.13.0 update to Instagram, which hasn’t quite made it to the Play Store but is available at APK Mirror.

Update December 8th, 9:00 PM ET: Instagram has reportedly pulled the update that went live to some users in the Google Play store earlier today. It appears the feature is a test, and may roll out in a future update of the app, but it’s still available via APK Mirror."

I have only one android device and this don’t working but i only check on YT and google.
It’s a lot of youtube videos working Beta.
So this is my question why dosyn’t work on meizu :)
We will wait for official instagram and maybe will work…
Best Regards

Long prees on photo and you have something like 3d touch in iphone.
Best Regards!

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