Bug on music player and unable to make viper work
Meizu m2

Hey sir, wanna to asking something. I have a disturbing trouble with viper 4 android and music volume. When i setting volume rocker to the maximum level on music player, unfortunatelly music player being stop. Can you give me an advice to fix it? Its feel so uncomfortable for me. And another problem, viper 4 android. I had successfully instaling v4a driver in my devices. But, when i see on driver status, no proccessing are working. I try to set up the equalizer setting in sound setting, but no change. I hope, somebody can help me for fix my problem. Thank you,
Sorry for the english if i said without grammar.

@Elimawijaya Hi, you’ll need to use another player because the stock one is made to use embedded audio mod, another one like phonograph is working well for me :)

No problem :) Have a nice day :)

Meizu m2

@furious.builder ehhh sir, but i still have a problem. Music app unfotunatelly stop when i set volume in max level. How about that?

The stock application or the one you downloaded ?

Meizu m2

@furious.builder the one i download sir. Gramophone. I uninstaling stock music app, but no change.

@Elimawijaya said:

Strange, do you have the latest Flyme ? I can’t try for now because my phone is dead :/

Meizu m2

@furious.builder on fw sir. I wanna try to uninstal dirac (for testing only)

Meizu m2

@furious.builder i cant found that firmware in updater sir. Can you share the download link?

Meizu m2

@furious.builder that firmware for m2note sir. Mine is m2mini

Oh yes sorry, so you already have the latest firmware :/ I can’t actually try but maybe someone can if he has the same bug as you

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