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Hi! Does anyone have a problem with viber and whatsapp notifications on Meizu m2? I have viber and whatsapp installed, but i don’t recieve message notifications when the apps aren’t active. Only when i open one of the apps, then the messages appear. I activated “auto launch” in App info=>Viber=>Permissions, but it still won’t work. My phone has flyme OS installed. Is it possible that it’s a firmware error? As far as i can see i’m not the onlyone that has a problem on this issue.

Download the international version
flyme 4.5.4 i
All the shortcuts work (I was suffering like you)

This is a problem in the Security App, shutting down processes when phone (display) goes to deep sleep. IMO, International version will not help.

  • Start Viber, find its icon in backgrounds apps ribbon, long-press on that icon until it shows “Locked”

When App is locked, Security App will not halt it when display goes off (or 10 minutes thereafter)

Either for Viber or Whatsapp, it has already been opened a topic and discussed

Thanks everyone for helping! :) This thing is really annoying…

@zgfg - can you please provide me with detailed description on what am i supposed to do? If i get you right… i need to open the Viber, and than close it by hard pressing on the main button of the phone. After that i need to open a security app and somewhere in it find a running viber app. Then i need to long press viber app icon and wait until the “lock” appears. Obviously i’m doing something wrong cause i just can’t get “lock” message appear.

@zgfg - i managed to do what you said. I didn’t know that you need just to slide with your finger from the bottom of the screen to see the recent apps.

Everything works perfectly!

Thanks everyone for your help!

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@mrcina2102 I use both apps and get my notifications.

Both apps have autostart enabled, are allowed to run in the background and are locked to the Ram.

Try this and you will get your notifications, ask if you have questions. And use the search function, there is a topic about this.

I have issues but are related with some cloud software, that should sync my photos via wi-fi and it only works when i manual do it… worked on my other phone :\

@Francisco-Guerra Try the same as I have described above for Viber

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