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I think I made a mistake, when i got my MX5, it was on an International ROM, but I installed the Flyme 5 “A” version, with no problem.

But since, I have troubles with my apps (like Whatsapp who doesnt shows notifications, the phone doesnt vibrate so I can’t know I have messages.

I’ve think about it and tried to downgrade it to the lastest international ROM, but EVERY time it says “Firmware corrupt”.

I downloaded both versions available on the flyme website, both won’t work.
I tried to set the .zip on the root of the storage, doesn’t work, i tried putting it on the “recovery” disk, doesnt work. Same thing if I click on the zip via the phone’s file explorer.

Everytime I try it’s corrupted.

I downloaded 5 times every version to be sure it was ok.

What can i do to install an international version again ?


Meizu MX5

@Sydaer Try to downgrade to a lower A version and clear data then upgrade to

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@Sydaer Do you have the M575H?

It is written on the back of the MX5 box. The white box, with the charger, and USB cable in it.

Meizu MX5

@Ultrametric i dont think he got a TCCM phone , cause he could first upgrade from I to A version .
Btw, i.m waiting for a reply from Meizu Flyme Service team , regarding the upgrade of the TCCM phones to flyme 5 . hope they will give me the solution

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@phluid01 Could be that he has. Would be interesting to know how he got the Flyme 5 “A” on his TCCM phone.
I think he got a Chinese phone from a re-seller, and that re-seller forced the International firmware on it.

So @Sydaer please tell us what model you bought :)

@phluid01 please let us know, if you get useful information from the support <3

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Meizu MX5

@Ultrametric as fast as i get the reply . Hopefuly useful ! :)

It’s Very easy to downgrade from to by put ( into your internal storage then just click that file and before you reboot please check wipe user data.

Meizu MX5

@boonboon that’s exactly what he has done , but the phone says that firmware is corrupt . Read his first post

I’m sorry. Any method to fresh install stock rom now?

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