I can't change my ringtone to one of my musics
Meizu m2 note

I can’t change my ringtone, i have to use one of the ringtones that comes in the phone… I want to change it to one of my musics
Plz help me

@.KG4 Can you describe what you’ve tried and what didn’t work?
To set a custom ringtone you go to Settings, Sound, Phone Ringtone and then choose Flyme Music. This will give you a list of all music files on your phone.


@KG4 read the Question and Answer Guideline. Fill in the missing information. Setting a custom ringtone works just fine.

hard to answer your question without knowing OS and your skill of manipulating the phone and PC.
I was also puzzling the same problem as you had.
on my OS3.6.1A ringtone, cut into 20 seconds music as mp3 files located in “ringtones” folder under root directory are recognized as “custom ringtone” in phone ringtone menu.
on the other hand, OS, files in “ringtones” folder are not specially recognized as custom ringtone but local music shows all your locally stored music files wherever they are stored.
oh i have more than 1,000 mp3 files. :3
then rename your ringtone files starting from “00” or else so that they comes to the top of the list.
that’s all.

@.KG4 To set a custom track as a ringtone you need to copy it to the designated Ringtones folder, which will make it accessible in the Settings menu. You can’t just use the music player like on most Androids.

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