Lost schortcut to sms/mms app

As it is my first post here, hello to everyone :]

It is my second day with M2Note and Flyme OS (4.5.3I version) and the first problem appeared. I accidentally removed schortcut to SMS/MMS app from “main bar”, the one with 3 app shortcuts (default it were dial, internet browser and sms/mms).
Application is still available in the multi tasking bar, but if i stop it it’s gone… I need someone to send me sms or mms to open it and have it in multi tasking bar again.
I lost 2h trying to find a way to restore the shortcut but it ended with nothing. Is there a way to bring it back again without restoring default settings?
Thanks for patience :)

Keep pressing on the Messages app icon and drag it down to the shortct bar. Similar as if you want to move the icon between the three panes.

Guys, M2 (Mini) and M2 Note are different phones and they have different subforums on Meizufans.
For your M2 Note use its subforum:

The thing is that the only place where I can find SMS/MMS app icon is in settings -> apps, and from there it’s not possible to drag it anywhere.

I downloaded flyme os update file (, would you suggest using as a remedy?

I tried to create this topic in proper place but I suppose I failed to do it correctly, so please replace it in a place where it should belonge, thanks.

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