M2 Note completely dead?


So I bought this phone on Aliexpress 3 months ago as a Christmas present for my father. It has always had problems with WIFI (it stopped working after using it for ~5 minutes). Yesterday I tried to get into the Recovery Mode, it didn’t work and to top it all off, it stopped working completely. It doesn’t react to anything I do to it. It doesn’t show the battery monitor when plugged in, it doesn’t turn on at all. All I did before that was pressing a combination I got from some “how to get to the recovery mode” article: vol+, vol- and pwr (which to me already seemed really weird because I did that once a few months ago and as far as I could remember the combination was just one of the volume buttons and the power button).

Has anyone encountered something like this before? Is there some kind of way to reset the phone that I have overlooked? Btw, it’s the Chinese version of the phone.


Sounds like a fake. Especially since it’s from Aliexpress. Check if the IMEI is valid(IMEI is located at the back of the phone’s box). Better yet, check Meizu altogether! You can verify if your phone is genuine through Meizu as long as you have it’s IMEI and serial code(Serial code should also be located at the back) Also check the seller who sold you the phone. Did you verify that his shop was genuine? If you could confirm that it isn’t a fake. My first guess would be a dead battery, although something could have happened when you pressed both volume buttons. You’re suppose to only press the vol+ and the power button. Also, can you remember the Flyme version your phone was running before it died?

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It doesn’t seem like a fake though, as I was able to install firmware updates without problems. (Fakes would have different hardware and therefore need different drivers I suppose)
I have sent Meizu an email but all they said was I should contact Aliexpress for that matter. They didn’t even bother to see if my device was legit, let alone give me any helpful advice at all.
The last version was

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