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Meizu on Facebook wrote the following post:

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@mx4pro Yep, it would be a cool move if they actually have the software developers to fix the found bugs :P

Let’s hope they are recruiting software developers too :D


funny thing that they not even mentioned what firmware they gonna test… would be such fail if they will choose 50 people and give them “i” firmware for test and 80 % of those 50 people will have “A” device


@Latstyle oh yes ;)
I’ve heard rumors that the firmwares are renamed with the release of Flyme 5. ( what’s likely to be just a ruomour)

The international firmware will be called the global firmware, maybe.

I hope Meizu does it like Xiaomi and stops to limit certain firmwares for specific phone models.


@Ultrametric and funny thing that difference between Chinese and International device is just ONE number somewhere in files.

cant remember it was M1 Note or m2 Note… 1st device where they did find those restriction codes… so you can now simply Hex edit one file where you need to change 2 digits and that is… your device becomes International and accepts Int firmware without any problems.

i doubt they do smth like that… remember they promised to officially release Ubuntu for MX4 and instructions… did they made it? didnt seen any news about that and its soon will be a year after they promised…

latest news i heard today is that they made huge profit this year… 2014 they sold 4.4 mil devices - this year its 20 mil devices

Yup that about the digits is true.

Once rooted type the following in an Android Terminal, and you’ll see your current device ID
cat / dev / block / mmcblk0p3

For the MX5, for example, one has to change the device ID from 0h57501001 to 0h57551001, which enables the flashing of international firmware.

They already changed i-roms to global roms on their Indian site. Which makes it more logical for Indian users. However, I think the ones on the ‘‘English’’ site will stay i because international users won’t use an Indian rom anyway.


@Abaggie That’s some sweet info, how did you figure this out?

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Tymcio and which version will I get when I now am on flyme 4 A ? I will still want to use german language which is availible in flyme 4 A Versions too

@mx4pro it won’t be available. You will have to try switch to International version if you would like to have German.


@mx4pro You will have to wait for the global Flyme 5 (global is the new international). It will arrive some time in 2016. Probably later than sooner.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Ultrametric hmm… and why takes the international/global firmware longer to develop ? its aleready translated isnt it?
I dont get meizu that customers have to do that Kind of Tricks to get the newest Firmware translated in their language ?!


@mx4pro I don’t get Meizu either! Pretends that they care about global customers but then let em wait for months.

It could be that Flyme 5 is release earlier, someone with the nick @Daniele-Canale posted this link from the Italian meizu forum:

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Ultrametric ok. thanks. generally im content with the Version I have installed obn my phone but I though rather want to have flyme 5 because of Android 5.1…

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