Meizu m2 mote AppInstaler

Hy, I have new chinese Meizu m2 note. Version of Flyme is 4.5.3A. On the phone i have Google play installed, but I can’t download no app-s from there. I do not have App Installer to download Google Installer.! How do I instal that. And I would like install new firmware (Flyme, but when I download the update, nothing on the phone is chainging, it’s only ask me where to unzip the update file.) Can someone help me. And, al apps that download I have to download from third parties, and when i downoad new vesion of Internet Browser - The DU Speed Booster on my phone - security - antivirus want to work!

Sorry, you can’t officially install “I” firmware on “A” hardware. There is a workaround, though you’d have to flash back to “A” before installing the updated “I”.

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