Mx5 reboot (whatever firmware)

Hi, my phone is reboot at any moment, i have try many firmware beta and standard. I don’t think its an app or firmware, who made him to reboot cause i have try without apps. I have done a clean installation before install a firmware. Is it a hardware error? I can use my phone 5 hours without reboot or he reboot 5 times in 1 min …
I don’t really know what to do.



@mendoza187 Go to the Recovery Power UP + Volume and flash a firmware from there + clear data. Try to get a clean system and see how that works.

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Hi thanks for the help.
I have tried to do a clean reinstallation and it do the same thing (reboot)



What firmware are you on? Did you try to use a different firmware. Uh and please provide more information. Like is your phone getting hot (include the temperature). What do you do before the phones restarts. … and so on

I have try those firmware : / / / /

I do nothing special. The phone can be on the table, in my pocket or when im on the phone he can reboot alone. Even if the screen is lock, or even in the night when i sleep he reboot. I don’t think it’s because of the temperature of the phone because when the screen is lock he do the same things. Have you ever heard about this problem before?

Hi, I have the same problem… I also tried many firmwares, but my phone keeps rebooting many time at day. Sometimes it also “freeze”, the screen goes black and the only thing I can do for make it work again is restart from recovery… Is it a hardware problem?

i have the same problem my mx5 keeps shutting down for no reason.i only have the phone for one month.can meizu please fix this.

Exactly the same problem here too. For the past 4months since i got the phone ive had random reboots at the beginning which now result in complete freeze with black screen and only holding the power button and restart helps. Have tried quitea lot of firmwares just like above post also tried disabling radios bluetooth, moving sim card from 1st to 2nd slot and back but nothing seems to work. The phone doesnt heatup or anything. It can happen completely random. Im thinking of instalking a cpu governor to try to limit max speeds or something but really dont know where to start.

i hear so many problems about MX5 :(

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