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Hi there, I’m trying to add another google account to the one I’ve already set on Meizu M2.
When adding, the gmail app shows a screen where ‘checking info’ is displayed for 1-2 seconds and then it quits. The same happens when I try to add it in Settings/accounts/add account.

It’s Flyme OS 4.5.3I

Would really appreciate some help, tips,

Meizu m2

I have the same problem. Last night I had to do a factory reset and then I’ve set the first Google account, but the second one was a failure. The situation was the same as in the first post of @bayern21
Also I did everything like in Meizufans FAQ, but it didn’t worked.

Before the reset everything worked fine, I could add even three Google accounts…

Meizu m2

First of all I am sorry for the double post but I hope it will be more visible with the solution of this problem.


  1. do a factory reset & wipe all data (turn off the phone and then turn on in the recovery menu)
  2. add all Gogole accounts that you will be using before updating any other services, like Google Play, Google main app etc.
  3. after that you can normally use your phone :)

Meizu is crazy in its answers. After contacting them with this issue one of their employees responded to me that on their device you can only add ONE Google account. The other one was more helpful, because he advised me to reinstall Google Play services (just like in the Meizu Fans FAQ) or do a factory reset if it would not help.
It’s not that I want to tell you that their support team is useless, because in most times they help a lot, yet sometimes it’s wise to keep a distance in what you get from them in the reply…

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@Bart11 Thank you, that solved it! :)

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