Flyme OS stable (m2 note)


  • Optimization: Optimization of system memory usage.
  • FIX: Contacts are likely to be abnormal remove the problem.
  • FIX: micro-channel sports pedometer unusual problems.



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Can I go back to the

Just released so go to get it.

Meizu m2 note

Just updated through the OTA, and have the same problem as I had with…

Is there any solution?

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@Meizuer it means, that you don’t have “I” version device. If you already bought it with firmware I, it was probably re-flashed by seller. Guess your device is A firmware originaly.
You can decide: upgrade by A version and have chinesse letters in some app, and only a few world languages included, or you can update to “I” version by emulator (manual on this web: …

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It would take a backup on file, which is good.
Please help me someone.

So if I currently have an I version, can I simply update with the file and not mess with terminal and such?

Also, is this version good?

@Andreas-Petrou the same here dude …i currently use an “I” version of flyme

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When flyme 5 will come on Meizu M2 Note?


@stanisic probably after February 2016. There is no official announcement so far. But panda knights (flyme beta testers) are on it.

hi… i just bought meizu m2 note…the last days i have a terrible bug…
sometimes when i receive or make a call the phone line closes after 5-10 seconds…Is anyone else withe the same problem?
Thx in advance!
my filmware is

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@harris_par try update and clear data to the “A” firmware.

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