Flyme OS test firmware (Pro 5)

Status Bar

  • Optimization: update notification bar GPS Alert icon.
  • FIX: The status bar displays the real-time speed is not the right questions.
  • FIX: After you set a password lock screen state quenching screen calls, caller interface does not show the problem notification bar.

Mobile butler

  • Since the launch of Management: “cut off from each other to start the application” feature upgrades, entrance moved “since the launch of management” - “mutual start” wake each other freely set the application permissions to view the applications intuitive wake each other records, to eliminate the family bucket Applications.
  • Desktop shortcut: Rights Management Add “desktop shortcut” management function, to avoid compulsory third-party applications to generate a desktop shortcut.


  • SMS Card: Smart SMS upgrade automatically extract key information SMS notification class generates beautiful clear “message card”.
  • Delete SMS: SMS Notifications bar increases the delete button.
  • Optimization: “All messages marked as read” increased transition animation.
  • Optimization: Optimization remind delete messages when too many strategies to increase the “no reminders” option.
  • Optimization: Optimization error message center number, mass text messages all failed feedback strategy.
  • FIX: receiving this code, even now the system without SMS prompts questions.

Domestic services

  • The new revision upgrade, a better user experience.
  • Deal: Access US group, drink one-stop solution.
  • Movies: access cat movie, Get Low see films.
  • Appearance: barley access network, performing everything competitions.
  • Life: New traffic recharge, flexible optional Xpress.


  • New: Added 13M optional camera Dimensions.


  • Optimization: Redesign player interface, directly display the download button.
  • Optimization: Optimization of preload to take color features that make the page display smoother, more layered.
  • Optimization: Increase the player interface is included in the list of songs click effect, suggesting more intuitive.
  • Optimization: interface adapter each scroll bar margins, overall use of more beautiful, comfortable.
  • FIX: DLAN play music by connecting the device after the end, you can not use the volume keys to adjust the volume of the issue.
  • Fix: Problems need to enter the password twice when buying Member.
  • FIX: No download download song lyrics problem.
  • FIX: offline caching 100% radio song, the next mobile network access to offline stations reminders “Wi-Fi only available under” problem.


  • Fix: Even now click on the phone icon flash back problems.
  • FIX: After using QQ synchronization assistant synchronization call records, click on the call history list avatar will flash back problems.
  • Fix: There are number of Contact to edit mode, the original number will not be segmented display problems.
  • FIX: After the restart the phone notification bar have missed call notifications, delete notifications after the restart still problems.


  • Optimization: Optimization symbol keyboard switching performance.
  • FIX: Jiugongge keyboard symbol list on the left scrollbar appears incorrect questions.
  • FIX: squared input “cha”, on the left to display a list of what needs to slide “cha” pinyin candidate issue.



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How are these test firmwares compared to the “stable” ones in terms of performance and stability? Currently on the latest stable and wondering if there’d be benefit to me trying out the test ones.

Meizu Pro 5

They removed languages?! I can see only chinese and english :confused:

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