MEIZU app center problem.

i have problem with google installer! i download it from “App Center” and install it…then when i want to download anyone app…it says “Can’t download app”! i have tried a lot of flyme version! help me please…how i can hard reset or factory reset to begin from the beginning?

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Meizu MX4

@Gesu I had the same problem, i installed another version of Google Services from internet, rebooted and it worked

@xSurox tell me…where i can find this another version? help me more please!

You can also just go into settings, then language and time, uncheck automatic time, change date and time so they are wrong, press home button, open settings again, go back and change back to the correct time and date and turn “automatic” back on then home again. You should now be able to download from the Play Store :)

Edited title. Next time please state your specific problem in the title, instead of help me senteces.

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