FDD-LTE Band 20 and 8?


I want to purchase an Meizu Pro 5.
But in my country (Sweden) we use band 20 for the not so populated parts of the country. Which means I won’t have 4G/LTE as much as other phones with the Meizu.

Is there any chance Meizu will release an international version that includes band 20 and 8?

Oneplus Two has these bands, which the Oneplus One didn’t.

Please tell me they are going to release this!

Typical meizu user - bought his phone and realised that it’s actually missing what he needed so expects meizu to add it in the future.
Seriously wtf? If you need those bands you buy a phone that supports them.
And no, meizu will not bring support for them. So either return the phone or deal with it.

Edit: actually it looks like you haven’t bought the phone yet (aghh I was tired), if you need those bands to have proper 4g reception don’t buy the phone because there is no chance that meizu will add support for them.

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As far as I know Meizu has no plans of implementing Band 20 LTE support. As you may know, unlocking bands incur fees, fees that Meizu likely won’t be able to pay in the long run. It also depends on the antenna. As of right now you are “stuck” with band 3 and 7.

Might I tell you, though, that the PRO 5 has support for DC-HSPA+, which can reach the same or even better speeds than LTE band 20 can (42Mbps). The fastest speeds are achieved through LTE band 7 (2600MHz) which the PRO 5 supports.

You need not worry.


@Karl-Sindre-Baath-Engelstad Meizu plans to do many things :P and also Meizu wants to have a stable Flyme… but failed at it :P let’s wait and see what really will happen.

Hey, I’m not their HR representative :P So I wouldn’t really know. On a related note, my PRO 5 (International model) order from Amazon won’t ship before January 4th next year :( I really wanted it in time for Xmas.

Hello everybody, I think unlocking more 4g bands on pro 5 is possible but, it need skilled developers. First of all as the cpu is the same as Samsung Gs6, the modem also should be the same Shannon 333 Modem so, with unlocking bootloader developers can change RIL files but, it may need to change the kernel and using custom kernel too (usually there should be some restriction on kernel as well as on RIL files).
I saw developers successfully unlocked phones with qualcomm cpu and modems (One plus one for example).

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