Navigation bar

Hi guys.

What is the best option for full navigation bar???
At moment im stuck on this.
As u can see the orginal can’t be hided beacuse on some specific apps like clock; gallery; caller etc jump out some specific futures, but with this exposed module i bring back stock recent panel with clear all button ( see in picture ) and option to hide unorginal nav bar to use stock navbar if necesury.
This nav bar is cutting battom of whole screen and its litle bit anoing in some apps. I’m using nova launcher so i can set up desktop for best look.
Is there any option to edit stock navbar???

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Actually you can hide the smartbar on specific Apss or App Activity, using Flymetools (it requires Xposed)

Select Applications
Choose an app
Hide Smartbar
Select smartbar beahviour
The lower grid button allows you to set Activity specific options

you can enable it in build prop. hold on I’ll give u a tutorial step
but first, the navbar is blocking some apps like when u install apk manually, the navbar block open and done message in the bottom. you can install xposed framework to hide navbar. go search hideable nav bar in the xposed installer app. if you already done that let me know

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