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Meizu Pro 5

Hi everyone,

I am using SIM tool kit application for mobile confirmations. Application is placed here: “/system/app/Stk/stk.apk”.
It was working on Flyme Now I’m on Flyme (updated from A) and it does not work. Window asking confirmation just pops out, I press OK and nothing happens (it should ask me for SIM PIN code). Like this:

Does anyone knows workaround?
Maybe someone could share Stk.apk (extracted from phone) from A version ( or 4.5…A)?


@simsunas did you clear data when you downgraded?

Meizu Pro 5

Yes, twice.
Tried to remove Stk.apk, clear leftover data, reboot, add again and still same…
It looks like after pressing OK, app is running in background. If I try to get receive confirmation message again - nothing happens until I reboot phone itself :(

Hello, did you find the solution guys? Same happening with latest global build, it was working with Flyme 4.5.7I

Meizu Pro 5

After upgrading to version >5 it is working like this:

  • Approval request appears
  • Pressing OK
  • sPIN code enter window opens
  • Reboot phone to make it work again :laughing:

Haven’t tried to do factory reset though.
Also, I have to mention that everything worked with Chinese version…

i have the same problem…you can enter sPIN only once, then you have to reboot again to enter again…

Guys, any update on this? I have issues with my M5 note… It only lets you to enter it once…

Meizu Pro 5

Just installed A beta version and SIM toolkit is working fine!

I could suggest to extract it from there and try to paste in stable version.

Tried to attach here but could not do it, so here's a link to it:

And how to extract it in to the phone without a root? any suggestions?

I am on waranty. Do not want to go that mad :D

Meizu m3s

Maybe just update the phone to latest version or beta through recovery and clearing data.

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