Can some one please tell me if I was to enable root access on my mx4 and then install flashify from the playstore , then finally install twrp would that unlock the boot loader.

Don’t do that ! Unlock bootloader before flashing anything ! But it’s not without risks

Ok thanks for the heads up, but do you know of any video tutorials on how to unlock the bootloader safely and successfully because I cant find any on the net.


@SHOGUNXSHINOBI XDA there are some.

Take your time grab a coffee and read all there is to read carefully, unless you want to buy a new mainboard for your phone.

Ok, and I have tried research it here and there but it kind of still looks a bit ambiguous if there really is a safe and successful procedure to unlock it.
Have you your self managed to unlock and flash any custom rom?.

Meizu MX4

@SHOGUNXSHINOBI yes, I have an unlocked bootloader. The XDA guide here works if you can follow it word by word without deviating.

Of course, there is always a chance of brick, I’m just here to confirm that it is possible.

As for custom roms, the only truly custom rom currently is cyanogenmod. Other than that, you are able to install ubuntu OS and YunOS just like the special edition meizu MX4s.

@meh301 Thanks for the reply and yes I thought it might be doable as I did try to install cyanogenmod before but it was a bit buggy and the sim was not detected, so then I tried reinstalling it but I messed it up I think by tampering with the partition, I did not think it through properly at the time and it caused my phone to brick.
My phone is working now and I am pretty paranoid about it now, so I would just like to see a proper video tutorial or at least a picture/screen shot walk through to make sure I do every thing correct.

Meizu MX4

@SHOGUNXSHINOBI I find it quite clear,
you just have to

  1. install flymeOS or lower (full wipe)
  2. get root on the phone via the usual user account method
  3. unpack the update zip on your computer and put the provided meizu-patcher.exe in the unpacked folder and run it
  4. copy the new uboot.img (the old one was renamed to uboot.img.bak) to your phone in a folder called UNLOCK on the root directory of the SD card (aka the normal place when you connect your phone to your computer)
  5. copy the other provided files within the gscript folder (copy the whole folder) also to the root of sdcard
  6. either install the provided terminal emulator or use your own, open it, type su (root access), allow it, cd to gscript folder and run the unlock script

sh /sdcard/gscript/unlock.sh

  1. wait 3 whole minutes and then reboot phone by typing reboot

You make it sound so easy lol, its just that Im a bit paranoid since I last tried it minus the patcher I think, and when I did, it did work but it was buggy then when I tried it again I messed up.
I still think it would be best if some one did a on screen pc tutorial that does not have to be flashy or any thing, just showing the correct files, links and the patching etc.

Meizu MX4

@SHOGUNXSHINOBI well without the patcher you don’t have an unlocked bootloader so you don’t have unlocked fastboot which is really useful to have if you corrupt your recovery or screw up something else because you can just reflash everything and recover from a what would have been a full brick.

I’ll see if I can make a clear guide one of these days

@meh301 I see, thanks for the clarification and nice one for the offer to do a tutorial, your help would be appreciated.

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