Stock Equalizer with different music player?!

so i got the Pro 5, but one thing drives me crazy. Why is the stock equalizer not working with other players??? I installed walkman, the EQ showed up but didn`t work. Then installed Nubia music player - same problem. Then tried it with Google music and it works…but why? If someone uses a different music app with the stock EQ on any Meizu phone, please tell me how you did it?

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do you mean this one ? well I dont own a pro 5 but on my mx4 pro it works without any settings. maybe this solves your Problem:

make sure you select musicFX and you keep the app opened in the background

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Hi, thanks for the answer, but thats not the Problem. The EQ is there, but it just wont work with most players.
Example: I install Nubia Music player (awesome app by the way) and click on Equalizer settings. The Meizu equalizer shows up, i can turn it on, but it just won`t work. Same thing with Sony Walkman.

But with google music, the EQ works flawless. I just don`t understand why? (Könnte dir eingentlich auf deutsch schreiben, aber die anderen sollen ja auch was verstehen :) Trotzdem Danke.

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@bunita ok now I get your Problem :) but I really dont have a soloution :(

I think you have to put on the list of the file system musicfx these apps that you use. we hope that some good soul tells us where the file system musicfx. obviously using root explorer

I thought about something similiar. The musicfx apk itself is in root/system/app or system priv-app/. Its file system is in root/data/data as far as i remember. But could you point out which file exactly id had to edit and what to write there? I can give you the list of files if necessary. I want to use the Nubia music app instead of Meizu, it has the same functions for offline and online music with a much better interface. Sorry for the red letters, i don`t have a clue why they appear.

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Thank you all for the answers. The last two indeed enabled the Hi fi for the other music apps, but equalizer still doesnt work. Anyway, ill give up on it and sell this phone, i just can`t stand Flyme. Waaaay too many bugs and restrictions for my taste.

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