Google Hangouts Problem


I’ve tried with several firmwares to use hangouts for video calls, but the picture freezes everytime.
Do you experience the same problem?

Firmware version

No matter which firmware, same issue with,,
I installed google apps (play store) through the recommended way, via App Store. Then added my google account and installed hangouts application.
It logs in successfully, but the camera freezes after the first still image.

When did it happened?

Everytime I try to initiate a hangout video call or try to receive one.

What were you doing when the problem occured?

Nothing particular, hangouts can be running in the background.

Is it a new issue (e.g. after firmware upgrade)?

It was the case since I received the phone.

Thanks for the help.

@Gábor-Mészáros have you tried other apps? I mean can you confirm if it only happens in hangouts or it’s a problem with all video calls?

@shahrooz yes, skype is working fine as the camera apps are as well. It seems to be only hangouts issue for me.

@Gábor-Mészáros have you tried uninstalling google play services altogether and reinstalling it after a reboot?

@shahrooz: yes, I just tried that, same problem. Is it working for you btw?

@Gábor-Mészáros sorry, I don’t have my phone yet

could you try it when you receive it? Thx

I’m having the exact same problem! I’m using the version, recently bought on HonorBuy.
Besides what you mentioned, I also tried giving it all permissions and added it to the Memory acceleration whitelist.

Anybody managed to solve this problem? Do all the Pro 5’s have the same problem?

@marko I’ve installed the global version. With that, video still not working, but at least I can use it for voice calls.

@Gábor-Mészáros Thanks for sharing, I was already thinking about installing the G version, but never had enough time (I have newborn twins). I did try Hangouts installed from the Meizu App Store, but to no avail.
Regarding voice calls - I never had problems with those.

The latest update of Google Hangouts solved the video problem for me. Everything seems to work flawlessly now. Huraaay Google!!! :)

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