Does Meizu Pro 5 have Radio FM ?
Meizu Pro 5

Does Meizu Pro 5 have Radio FM ?

Meizu Pro 5

If It does not have what is the solution ?

Meizu Pro 5

As stated in tech specs - no.
Solution - online radio 😥

Meizu Pro 5

Thank a lot, but I want local Radio without Internet connection.
Possible install Radio FM off line thru googleplay?
Like as Spirit FM.

I just wait for arriving Meizu pro 5 from

Meizu Pro 5

I guess that it just does not have FM module that’s why you just can’t use offline radio.


Yeah just as stated above the device itself doesn’t have a FM receiver so it’s not possible. I don’t know though if some 3rd party device would be a solution - never took a look at it… (probably not)

However, every modern radio station should also have an online stream, if not through play store apps, at least through their own website. (Isn’t FM a lil old tech, u know)

@samanen It indeed is a low-tech offering these days. I’m glad I switched out my car’s FM with DAB+. Best investment I ever made. So many more radio channels, like going from antenna to satellite TV.

actually FM Radio is really needed feature
guys check this link

as i’m not convinced about that any smartphone doesn’t have FM chip & all internet full of articles like the one above about all smartphones contain it but it has been disabled

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and a shame that a phone like the PRO 5 does not have FM radio !!! the next purchase will xiaomi which is remote for the TV and FM radio.

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For such a machine is very sad, monster Phone PRO 5 - no IR remote control, FM radio and do not know if there are NFC

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