Meizu MX5 forgot password. HELP
Meizu MX5

I am unable to unlock meizu mx 5.
tried steps - use android device manager.
hard reset ( need password for that also.)
entered wrong password many times. no options available.
USB debugging not enabled.

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@yusufismx nothing to do, unless you are logged in with your Flyme account.

Meizu MX5

what can the people at the service centers do?


@yusufismx sent it to China and get your mainboard replaced.

Meizu MX5

anything els … i just want the phone working .

lol. Have you tried restoring it by pressing and holding power+volume up buttons? If you don’t have an in the root of the phone then you’re going to need to connect to a PC and restore that way.

@yusufismx You can try. I’d just try pressing age holding the power age volume up buttons and wiping user data and or do a full restore.


@ShadowOfDeth he can not access the recovery without a password. The phone is locked fully!

@Ultrametric Strange. Are we talking about a lockscreen password? Because if so then you should be able to just wipe data in recovery mode and restore. Worked like that on past Android services I’ve had in the past.


@ShadowOfDeth Yes we are talking about the lock screen password.
The same password is needed to unlock the Recovery.

Try it out. When you have a lock screen password active, enter the Recovery “Volume Up + Power” and select “clear data”, you are asked to enter the look screen password.

It’s really nice of you that you are trying to help him. But it would be a bit more useful if you try the stuff you tell him, out first :P

His options are:

  1. Rember his password
  2. Type 15 times a wrong lockscreen password, to get asked for the Flyme Password (of the logged in Account)
  3. Sent it back to Meizu.
  4. (Get a new mainboard, though I am assuming that this works. Didn’t try it. No guarantee for this point.)
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@Ultrametric Just saying, man. Every other phone out there all you need to do is boot into recovery mode and reset. It’s that simple. I bet if he tried the recovery with PC thing it would unlock the mobile.


@ShadowOfDeth Read what I wrote: If you want to help people, know what you are talking about! Or it’s no help at all!

Once agian: You can not update from Recovery without the lock screen password! Before you claim it works… another time, it takes just 5 minutes to check it out… take the time and try it yourself. Set a lock screen password, go to the recovery and hit update + clear data. You will be asked for the lock screen password. end of the story.

The idea behind is to make it impossible for people to steal a Meizu.

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@Ultrametric don’t get all uppity with me, mate. I’m just telling you how it is with EVERY OTHER ANDROID PHONE EVER. So yeah don’t talk down to me ya little shit.

OP, just transfer an to the root of the phone via PC while it’s in recovery mode. Don’t listen to that little pipsqueak.


@ShadowOfDeth watch your language.

and finally try it out yourself, transferring the to the phone doesn’t help him. Recovery mode is locked. It’s still a Meizu phone we are talking about.

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