Stuck at flyme screen and alwawys firmware corrupt or not found. HELP NEEDED!

hi guys i’m very new here. i just got my meizu m2 note recently and i wanna install international rom. my m2 is actually china variant. while doing halfway, expecially doing thru adb, somehow the messages appeared warning in the adb thingy so i repeated doing it. and somehow, it reboot and stuck at flyme screen, giving me 2 choices, which is system upgrade or clear data. now what should i do? i’m stuck here man! help needed here so much.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@tzethong connect your device to a Windows PC → it should be recognized as “recovery partition” or sth like this. then you have to copy your right Firmware on it. (those you can download at the Firmware section)

This is not flyme but recovery screen. Uncheck both options and press Start to boot into the flyme (wherefrom you can shut down).

Or keep pressing power button to shut down and start adb all over again.

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