Meizu Pro 5 Wifi Band

Has anyone the same problem that in the Wi-Fi settings only will show the 2,4ghz Band of the Home Router. The 5ghz band won’t show. Both bands are available. no problem on my m1 note. Any solution or general problem of the software? installed is the latest beta firmware

nobody any solution or same problem?

I have the same problem.
For the past two weeks that I have the phone I am in contact with Meizu about this issue and the hotspot issue.
The last reply was that they are sorry and maybe it will get fixed.

They seemed (or pretended) to not knowing about the issues.bolded text

@ktsak any luck in solving the issue

Try to change the channels on 5ghz many chipsets have problems witch some channels and don’t find the WiFi.

how to change channel on pro 5?

@k00lfire not on the phone, on your router…

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