Adding apps to whitelist in security centre


I’m trying to add certain apps to the list of applications I don’t want to lose cache for when using the clean up option.

I’ll include a screenshot.

I see there is an option to whitelist certain apps but there doesn’t seem to a way of actually adding them…

Does anybody here know how to do it?0_1449933752979_S51212-152208.jpg

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Do you mean the clean up option in multitasking?

@shahrooz Not really, no. Not unless security centre clean and multitask clean do the same thing… At any rate there should be a way of adding apps to the list in the screenshot above.

@ShadowOfDeth so you mean something like a junk cleaner? (I’m not using Flyme yet but I believe I can help)
If yes then use 360 security. it is a nice app and does this very efficiently and does not clean important cache. However you can take the extra step and add apps to its whitelist! I don’t have any apps on its whitelist and have not faced a problem so far (almost 2 years).
a piece of advice: for most of built in apps by OEMs there is a better one available at play store.

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@shahrooz Alright thanks. I’ll look into that. Cheers.

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