[Meizu m2] Textra double notification

Hi guys, i have a problem with my notifications.

I am using Textra app for my sms/mms servies and when i get a message i see two notifications in my notification screen. I’ve prosen sms/mms app via titanium backup, but it didn’t work. Any ideas howto change that for ONE notification? :)



@jjeerry Did you try, does one notification open native SMS Inbox and the other notification Textra Inbox?

I’ve never used Textra, does it work correctly (single notification) on the other phones?

Did you set Textra as default SMS app in system settings? I have only one notification. You can also try to disable notification from stock sms app in Security center.

TextRa is default sms app. Stock sms app is “frozen” via titanium backup. I think it has something to do with lollipop android. I’ve noticed that one of the notifications is from app itself and the other one is a “fact” that there is a new sms.
@rolin what firmware are you on?

@jjeerry I do not recommend frozing stock sms apps. Neither of them. But I can’t help you. I don’t have this problem while using Textra.

Meizu m2

I have the same issue with chompSMS no matter system SMS apk is frozen or not. Do You have stock launcher? (I use Holo launcher)

Yes, chompsms - the same issue. I use kk launcher, but on the stock launcher the issue is the same…

same issue with textra… and skype give me 2 notifications also

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