Broken camera - where to buy camera lens and how to fix?

So Yesterday I found out that my camera is broken, when I take a picture with the rear camera theres a little thing that always stays there on the middle top and I could just assume that my camera is broken
Where can I buy the components to fix this? And how can I fix it? Theres a photo that I attavhed where you can see the scratch on the top middle

Maybe it is the camera protective glass, not camera itself, and it could be enough to remove the back cover and clean it from inside? If this is possible…
Back cover with camera glass can be ordered from Aliexpress, search for “Meizu M2 mini back cover with camera glass”

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Can you send me the link if you found it on aliexpress? I only found a Meizu MX4 camera lens… not a M2 one… can I use the mx4 one in the M2?

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