Meizu MX5 Hard Brick

Hi (sorry bad english)
my mx5 hard bricked, no response. Mediatek flash tool making
i want mx5 (flash tools) scatter please help me !!!

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Please don’t bump your own topic.
I cannot help you, but how did you get your device bricked?

I guess you are screwed. There is a warning at the start of the tutorial:
ONLY FOR MEIZU MX4 AND ONLY FIRMWARE Don’t use the that apk on Lollipop or your device will brick

So I don’t know why you tried this on your MX5??? It is meant for MX4.

Can you get into fastboot? (hold power and volume-, if successful screen lights up)
Else you have to change the phone motherboard


get a new mainboard for your phone.


I got my phone pretty hard brikked I really don’t know how…

But It still can go into fastboot mode: is there anything I can do from there?

Thanks 4 any reply…

Meizu Pro 5

Where to buy a new motherboard?

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