Storage Encryption

In Android from version 5 default storage encryption is used.
How it could be switched on in Flyme 4? Is it supported? If not supported are there any plans to implement? If not then I most probably have to switch to another smartphone.

Meizu MX4 Pro

@maslov-am why dont you update to flyme 5??? its much better !

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There is no Flyme 5 for International version of Pro 5.
Does Flyme 5 support encryption?

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@maslov-am it won’t be implemented in Flyme 4! That’s for sure.

@Ultrametric This is evident that for Flyme 4 there will be no support.
What about Flyme 5? There is no version of FLyme 5 available for international Pro 5. So I can’t check by myself.


@maslov-am I’m using Flyme 5 since September and didn’t stumble upon drive Encryption.

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