Back button functioning crazy and go to previous screen himself a lot of times

Hi everyone,

I can’t do enything with my Meizu. When I open a window, messages, internet or enything else, the phone goes back to the previous screen, 1, 2,3 times like I type on back button. But I don’t click anything. I become crazy with this situation.
I tried to update and I have now the 4.5.7A version but same problem.
I tried update + clear data but that doesn’t help.

Second problem was the wrong Imei and no s/n. So signature problem when I try downloading playstore on it. But i found a way to fix this. I can tell if someone has the problem.

I thought that I bought a new meizu on AliExpress. It was sold like a new, but after reading the topic about wrong imei and no s/n I understood it was probably a refurbished.

Is a way to fix this, to prevent the smartphone going back like that?

Thank you very much and sorry if i said something wrong, I am new with smartphones


I would open a dispute at AliExpress reseller. I do not know when you bought it? How long ago?

Thank you for your replay :)
Unfortunatly I can’t open a dispute anymore. I bought it last month.
The phone did a lot of time to come and was blocked by the customers.
When I tried to open the dispute it was to late. End date was 1/12/2015

I have send an email to the seller tho to explain.

Do you think it is something I can do to avoid the problem?
Deactivate the back button myself or someting? Or maybe a new firmware could fix this… I don’t know

Thank you again

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